unlocked phonesWe hear the term unlocked phones, thrown around a lot in the news and when we are reading about specific GSM phones but what does it mean that a cell phone is “unlocked”? Well, when you purchase a phone from a service provider it means it’s “locked” or programmed to only work on that provider’s network. This also usually means that you have to sign a contract to stay with that carrier for a certain period of time, or pay a fee to stop using that carrier’s service.

All gsm cell phones come with a SIM card (which we discussed in a previous post) which will work on any phone that is on the same provider network even those phones that you buy with a contract. The benefit to an unlocked GSM phone is that you can put any SIM card in that phone at any time, meaning you have something we in the business like to call carrier freedom. Obviously, the biggest advantage to this setup is that you don’t have to purchase a new phone each time you’d like to switch providers. This is a fantastic solution for personal assistants, people with more than one job, and those who travel. Additionally, with any Unnecto phone you purchase you have the ability to carry two SIM cards in your device at all times giving even more options to those people who need access to more than one network at any time.

Another fantastic reason to purchase an unlocked cell phone is that it reduces consumer waste considerably. Instead of needing to discard your old phone and the battery (which needs to be done in a special manner to avoid pollution) each time you switch providers or need a temporary phone, you can simply reuse your current phone and do your part in protecting earth’s vital resources.

Come see the difference for yourself and let your next purchase be an unlocked phone.