SIM cardWhen you buy a dual SIM GSM phone, you also need to purchase a SIM card to get service for that phone, but what is a SIM card really?

SIM stands for subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module. This is basically a small card that stores all of your information regarding your cell phone account. You can move the SIM card from phone to phone without changing plans or going through a long transfer processes by simply taking the SIM card from an old or broken phone and moving the card into a new device, meaning you don’t have to get your carrier involved every time that you want to switch phones. Additionally, if you have a dual SIM phone, you can have two SIM cards in your phone, meaning you effectively have two numbers going to one phone. This is especially helpful feature if you travel often and frequently use SIM cards from other countries. Previously, business travelers who went abroad had to have two cell phone SIM cards with them at all times, potentially meaning that travelers needed to carry two different phones everywhere. With dual SIM phones this is no longer a problem. Phones like the Unnecto Rush or the Air 5.0 give you industry leading phone with all of the capabilities that you would expect, with the benefit of an international and domestic number. Dual SIM phones are also a great option if your job requires you to have a number different than your personal one. You can even have simultaneous service from two different carriers, ensuring that you have service even if one carrier isn’t working.

Clearly dual SIM phones have a lot of benefits and are a great solution for many different needs. This is way Unnecto has been made sure that all of our phones are dual SIM meaning you have even more versatility in how you use our phone. This is just one of the things we are doing at Unnecto to make sure that your phone is even more you. Check out the Essential Collection and the Air Collection from Unnecto and find your next phone!