Drone XLThe answer to that question is too easy. GSM mobile phones are good for everything you could possibly want in a phone. Additionally, GSM phones are significantly cheaper than the bigger name brands with no loss in any of the reliability and functionality. For example, the Drone XL from Unnecto has all the multimedia options you would need, like a camera, an MP3 and MP4 player, FM radio, internet browsing and more! GSM phones also make great devices for those who are frequently traveling to different parts of the globe. Further, by investing in a Unnecto device you have the opportunity two have two SIM cards in your phone at all times, meaning that you can always be reached at your personal number while using a SIM card from another country.

Due to their low cost unlocked GSM mobile phones are perfect for young children. Phones like the Quattro X are perfect for a young child that is getting their first phone or as a replacement device for a lost phone. Your child will certainly appreciate the full feature set based off the Android OS and will love having a phone they can use to call their friends, while you will appreciate those savings. Unlocked phones aren’t only for kids though. Adults can also enjoy those savings when buying phones for themselves, like the Rush or one of the Unnecto Air Collection, such as the Air 5.0, all of which have industry leading hardware and software without a bank breaking price.

Further, unlocked GSM mobile phones give you versatility and options in who you use as a character. Unlocked phones don’t come with any contract meaning you can choose the carrier that work best for you, while retaining the freedom to switch to a better carrier at any time. What is better than that?