If you find that your battery is dying too quickly there are a couple of quick and easy steps you can take to stop this from occurring.

First navigate to your power control widget. The widget looks something like this and can generally be found on the second page of your home screen.

battery life In order the widget allows you to control your wifi, Bluetooth, GPS settings, screen lock, and screen brightness. We are going to be looking at every button other than the screen lock to help improve battery life.

The first thing you can do to improve battery life is to turn off your wifi when you are not near to a known wifi network.

battery life wifiTurning off the wifi stops your device from constantly looking for a signal when there isn’t one. Just be sure to turn your wifi on again when you are close to a network that you want to use.

The second change you can make is to turn your Bluetooth on and off.

battery life bluetoothGenerally your Bluetooth should always be off unless you are actively connected to an external Bluetooth device such as headphones, speakers, or a car with Bluetooth connectivity.

The third option you have is to turn off wifi+cellular GPS location services.

battery life location servicesWhile this will make your device slightly less accurate when using location services, such as maps, it will greatly improve your battery life and stop your phone from constantly trying to locate you.

The final step you can take to improve battery life is to adjust your brightness. There are a few different possibilities when pursuing this option. You can either turn your brightness off completely which will look like this:

batterly life turn off brightness

Or you can go to half brightness.

battery life brightness

Possibly the best option is to allow your phone to automatically adjust the brightness for you.

battery life auto brightnessYour phone will use its internal light sensor to adjust your screen brightness based on the amount of external light detected. So for brighter environments your phone becomes brighter and when going into darker places the phone brightness automatically will dim.


All of these options can be used individually or together to improve your phones battery life and keep you connected longer.