Hotel Tonight

As frequent travelers know, last minute hotel bookings are usually a terrible experience. Whether you are dealing with a plane delay, the need for different accommodations, or are simply looking to get away at the last minute, trying to book a hotel under these circumstances usually involves many visits to travel websites and frantic calls to any hotels in the area to find a vacancy. Hotel Tonight is the solution to this problem. The simple, but brilliant, concept behind Hotel Tonight is to provide you with a list of last minute bookings (many times at a discount!) that can be booked in just a few steps right from your phone. Hotel Tonight comes from long time discount travel industry executives from Orbitz, TravelPost, and DealBase who recognized the problem faced by many travelers when booking on short notice and created Hotel Tonight as a solution to that problem. Since the app’s release it has been featured many times on top app lists for travelers, getting mentions from Mashable, the New York Times, and CNET. Hotel Tonight was also awarded Best on Demand Service from Tech Crunch. Download Hotel Tonight now and be prepared the next time you are in need of last minute lodgings.

Hotel Tonight is available for free and immediate download from the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store for Android.


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