More and more we are relying on our phones to access sensitive information. Our email accounts, banking information, and personal contacts are all easily accessibly on our device. While this makes life much easier for us, it also puts us at increased risk if we were to lose our phone. Fortunately android comes with a variety of screen lock methods to help keep your phone and information safe. In this post we will be looking at the pattern phone lock method. When you first get your Unnecto device you have a basic screen lock on the device that will look like this:

Android basic lock screen


From this screen lock you can access your device by simply sliding the selector to the right where the unlock symbol is found. You can also go directly to your settings, camera, or do a Google Search by moving the selector to the other icons around the screen. While this option is very easy and provides a lot of functionality, it doesn’t keep your information safe. To protect your information, we are going to need to set a lock of some kind. The method we will use is to set a pattern based lock. To change our screen lock settings we must first navigate to the settings menu:

Android settings and then choose the “Security” option from the settings menu:

Android security From the security menu we are going to choose a pattern based screen lock:

Android pattern lock Simply draw a shape on the screen to set your pattern based lock.

Android pattern For this example I chose a simple U shape but you are free to make the pattern as simple or complex as you like. On the next screen you reenter your pattern and your lock becomes set. Now when we try to unlock the device we are shown a screen that looks like this:

android gesture screen lock


All that we have to do to unlock our screen is draw our pattern on the lock screen and it will unlock our phone and show us our homepage.

gesture lock

This is by far the easiest and quickest lock option to utilize. Keep in mind that this is still a password though. Therefore the more complex you make your pattern, the more difficult it would be for someone else to guess your pattern. This is just one lock method, however. In the future we will look at other Android lock options that you can take advantage of on your Unnecto phone.