Rush Android PayAndroid Pay, the new mobile payment system from Google, was premiered  this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Android Pay system joins a variety of other preexisting mobile pay systems, namely Apple Pay and the recently announced Samsung Pay. Apple Pay debuted in the fall of 2014 to great success and Samsung was not to be left behind, now have designed and announced their own mobile payment system. With Google’s latest announcement, it makes it the third big player to join this service space. Unlike Apple and Samsung however, Google is looking to make their approach to mobile payment operating system dependent rather than app dependent. Android Pay will be available in newer versions of the Android operating system and will not require a specific device or app to run. Instead Android Pay is going to be created as a back end system and made publicly available through an API that will allow other app developers to utilize the Android Pay service within their own apps. Every credit card that is used will be entered into the Android Pay system once, but will be accessible by the apps that need it, making things much easier for consumers and for developers, as they look to integrate this new service into their existing applications. Google is also very aware of the need for security in mobile payment and outlined the token system that it has created to ensure credit card number safety. The token system will use  a one-time temporary identifying number to complete the payment, rather than transmitting your full credit card number. This is the same approach that has worked for Apple in anonymizing mobile payments. Google also clarified that the new Android Pay system is not meant to be a replacement for the existing Google Waller service available to Android users. Google Wallet will rely upon the API and backend support brought by Android Pay just as much as independent applications but Wallet will remain a part of Google’s consumer services.

With this announcement the three biggest players in mobile are now all working towards mobile payment solutions, marking this as the way of the future and no longer a novelty concept.

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