AccuWeatherAs winter turns into spring here in New York, we at Unnecto are looking forward to the warmer weather of summer and the time when we can hang up our winter coats deep in our closets until the cold returns. Until that time though, we have to play the weather guessing game to determine when we should be wearing a full coat and when a light jacket will be better. The AccuWeather app for Android helps remove the guessing and ensures that you are making the right coat choice when you walk out your door in the morning. The app brings a premium set of features such as wind chill and speed, temperature real feel, MinuteCast temperature reporting, and national weather alerts for your area. The true magic to AccuWeather that really sets it apart from its competitors though, is the clean and streamlined user interface that presents all of the information in a clear and quick fashion, showing more important information (such as current weather and precipitation) at the top of the app and letting you get more in depth as you scroll down. The overall simplicity and accuracy of the information presented makes this app a must have. AccuWeather has attracted a lot of attention precisely because of this. Wired Magazine highlighted the beauty and utility of the app. It has also remained a top download and has been recommended by CNET and Gizmodo, among others. AccuWeather recently received an update that added support for Android Wear, meaning you can get all of the most up to date weather information right on your Anroid Wear watch or other peripheral device. AccuWeather comes in a free and a paid version both available from the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store for Android. The paid version is called “AccuWeather Platinum” and costs $2.99. The platinum edition does not bring any new functionality but it does get rid of the ads that would be present in the free version.


  • Free
  • Paid: $2.99


App Website: AccuWeather