When you buy an Android device one of the best features about it, is the ability to sync your phone with Google services like Calendar, Gmail, and Drive, which will give you access to your content from wherever you are, as well as backing up all of your content for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. The Google Play Store also gives you access to millions of apps, with endless opportunities to enhance and customize your Android experience. But without setting up a Google Account on your new Unnecto phone, you won’t be able to take advantage of any of these benefits. How do you setup a Google Account on your device? That is the question we are going to be answering.

We are first going to need to navigate to our settings menu:

google account settings

Once in the settings menu we are going to look for the “Accounts” section and tap “Add Account”:
Add a Google AccountNext we are going to select “Google” from the “Add Account” screen.

Add a Google Account

You see on this display that there are some additional account types that you can add to your device, such as personal non-Google email addresses as well as corporate Exchange account addresses. Now we can begin to enter our Google Account information into the phones settings.

Create a Google AccountThe first thing that we must choose, is whether we are going to enter the information for an existing account or if we are going to create a new account. For this example I chose to enter an existing account, but you can choose whichever option is more appropriate. This next screen is where we enter our Google Account information.

Google Account sign in

After entering our account information, we have the option to upgrade our account to a Google+ Account. I chose not to go through this process, but you can set this up if you would like. Google+  Accounts have some additional features like IM and video calling from your computer, as well as a public Google+ page.Google PlusNext, we are asked if we want to stay up to date with Google news and offers. If this is something you are interested in you can leave the box checked, otherwise uncheck the box and tap the arrow in the lower right hand corner to proceed.Google updates

We are next asked if we want to setup up a credit card with our Google Account. This would be necessary if you plan on purchasing apps from the Google Play Store. If not, you can tap the “Skip” option to move on.Google Wallet

We are almost done! The last screen we are shown is the sign in success confirmation and the syncing options we want to use. In order to protect your data and make the most of your phone, it is recommended to leave all of these options checked, but you final decision is yours.

Google Account SyncAnd that’s it! Your Google Account is now setup on your device. We can check this by going to our Account Settings, where you should see your account syncing on the device.Unnecto Google AccountNow if we go back to our home screen and select the Google Play Store:

Google Play Store

We will see the Google Account that we setup in the account info screen:

Google Play Store infoAwesome! Your account is all setup. Now you can stop worrying about your data and start downloading apps to maximize all that your Unnecto phone can do for you!