Google Drive

One of the best things about having a Unnecto phone with Android, is the integration that is offered between Android and Google’s suite of online productivity apps. There are dozens of free apps available on the internet to those who have a Google Account, and now with your Android phone you can download and access those same apps right from your phone. One of the best apps available from Google, is Google Drive an online, file storage system with 15GB of space. For reference 15GB’s of space is enough for dozens of movies, thousands of high quality photos, or tens of thousands of documents. Anyone who has used an online file locker or service like Dropbox, will know how much an online file storage can simplify your life. With Google Drive you can put important documents and photos online to back them up and keep them safe. You can also upload content you may need for school, or a presentation, and have it available to you wherever you have an active internet connection. Or maybe you need to share large files that won’t fit in an email. Using Google Drive you can email a private download link for the file right from the associated Gmail account. Google Drive is simple, easy, and highly versatile. Also, did I mention its completely free? With all of the benefits to be had, there really isn’t a reason not to be using Google Drive on your Android device. If you are interested in using Google Drive but are not sure how to get started you can download the free app from the Google Play Store and enter your Google Account information and you are done. If you aren’t sure how to setup a Google Account on your phone then checkout our Google Account setup guide and start taking advantage of all of the perks of Google Services.


  • Free (need a free Google Account to use)


App Website: Google Drive