Just got a new Android phone from Unnecto and want to personalize it more? One of the easiest things you can do is to change your phone wallpaper. Changing the wallpaper will display a new image in the background behind your apps and on your phone lock screen. To change your phone wallpaper first go to the settings menu.

Android Settings MenuNext you are going to select the “Display” option in your settings. It will look like this:

Android display settingsIn the display tab you will find a few options like the ability to adjust the brightness, control screen sleep delay, and change the phone’s font size. The option that we are looking for however, is the “Wallpaper” selection.

Android Phone WallpaperAfter choosing wallpaper you will have a few different options for what kind of wallpaper you want to setup.Android Wallpapers You can choose a photo from your Photo Gallery, this would be a picture that you have taken with the phone or saved from the internet. You can also choose to use a Live Wallpaper, which is a still image with some sort of animation that consistently plays when you have the phone unlocked or are on the lock screen. Choosing Video Wallpaper will let you set a video on the phone as your background and just choosing Wallpapers will show you the wallpaper presets that came with your phone. The option that we are going to use is “System Wallpapers”. System Wallpapers will list all of the available wallpapers on the phone¬†for you, and allow you to choose from that list.

Unnecto System WallpapersFor this demo I chose the evening sky wallpaper.

Unnecto phone wallpaperHere is what my chosen wallpaper looks like on the home screen:

Unnecto wallpaper home screenAnd here is what the wallpaper looks like on the lock screen:

Android lock screen wallpaper


That’s everything! Your phone wallpaper is now changed. You can follow these steps to change your background¬†again at any time using any of the animated or still wallpaper options and make your device personal to you.