Google My Tracks app for Android

Picture this: you are out hiking on some local trails. The area is beautiful, the sun is shining, and everything just looks better than you could have imagined. This being the 21st century of course you want to share pictures of your day, so you take photos of your hike and upload them to your favorite social media site when you get home. But when you see the photos on your computer they just don’t seem the same. Everything looks fine, its just missing something. Which is where My Tracks comes in. My Tracks is a free Google built application that seems custom built for anyone who enjoys traveling or being outside and wants to keep others up to date with what they are doing. My Tracks has two essential parts: tracking and recording your information and giving you easy and clean ways to share this content with others. The concept is simple: when you go outside start the app and it will begin to track where you go and collect information during your workout such as your speed, distance, elevation, time, average speed, and max speed. All of this information can be collected from a variety of sources. The easiest way is of course the tools that are built right into your phone. My Tracks also interacts with other external devices and sensors, such as heart rate monitors and pedometers. With its most recent update My Tracks also now includes support for Android Wear, so you can control My Tracks right from your Android Wear device. With My Tracks you can keep this information private and use it to track your own workouts and create goals for yourself or you can share this information which is where My Tracks really shines. Using My Tracks you can send others the route that you took, create way points, and add pictures all of which can be seen in a beautiful and interactive fashion on Google Earth. You can share this information either with a direct link or through Google Drive. If you are interested in reading more about My Tracks see these articles from Engadget, CNET, Android Police, and Talk Android.


  • Free (need a free Google Account to use)


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