Your in a crowded room and a phone starts ringing. Of course everyone has the same default ringtone as you, so you aren’t sure whether it is your phone another persons. Now you can change that and help make your phone more unique to you. The first thing that you are going to want to do is navigate to your settings menu on your phone:

Android Settings

Next you are going to access your audio profiles settings.

Android audio profiles

Once you have chosen audio profiles from the menu you are going to choose the customize option next to the general tab.

Android audio profile customize

To change the ringtone for your phone choose the “Voice Call Ringtone” selection.

Voice call ringtone select


Once you chosen the voice call ringtone option you will see a screen like this:

Android notification ringtones

All of the ringtones that you see can be chosen as your default ringtone for voice calling. Just tap the tone you are interested in to hear a sample and then tap OK at the bottom if that is going to be your new ringtone. From the notifications settings menu you can also see that you can change your video call ringtone the same way that you changed the voice call option. From the notifications settings menu you can also change other notifications sounds such as the dial pad and screen lock sounds. So that was how to change your phone and general audio settings. How do we change the text notification sound however? To change our text tone we first select the “Messages” app:

Android Messages


Once inside of the messages app choose the sideways ellipsis in the lower right hand corner of the messages app. From there you are going to select the “Settings” option.

Android messages settings

This will display a messages settings menu. From this menu choose the “Notifications” option.

Android messages notifications

Once you have selected notifications you will be at the final messages settings menu where you can choose the “Sound” option and change the text message notification tone, just as you changed the phone ringtone.


Android messages notifications sounds


Congratulations! You have now fully customized your notification sounds for your phone!