Google DocsOne of the great things about your Unnecto phone is the ability to have it with you wherever you go. At home.  At work, out on the town, your phone is close by. While this lets you access your information everywhere you go, you may still be left questioning what you are going to do if you ever need to edit your documents on the go. This is where Google’s productivity apps come into play. Google’s office suite is made up of three applications called Docs, Sheets, and Slides which allow you to create and edit your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations respectively. There is an additional program called Forms that allows you to create and share forms with others to help in any information gathering you may need to do. This can be something as simple as working out a time to have a party with your friends, or something more complex like building a customer information database. Whatever need you may have the Google office suite is versatile and robust enough to provide you with whatever you need and because all these apps are able to share information with each other you are able to seamlessly transition your projects to whatever app may be necessary. While all of these programs are available as apps that you can download onto your device, the real beauty of the Google office suite, is its online connectivity. Through each of these productivity applications you can share the documents that you create and edit with others directly over email, as well as giving others the opportunity to work collaboratively with you on your project. This collaborative element is particularly helpful as it allows for you to work with your collaborators in real time so that everyone can see the changes that are being made without worrying about constantly sharing the project amongst all of the team members and creating an endless series of copies and document repeats. All of these apps also come with an essential auto save function, which allows you to not worry about ever losing your work again. Google’s office suite apps even save a revision history for your project that will show you past edits and allow you to revert to a previous version if you wish. Download Google’s office suite from the Google Play store now for free and start creating!


  • Free (need a free Google Account to use)


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