flipboardIf you login to the Google Play store on any day chances are you will see one or more¬†news app as one of the top downloaded. There are apps for every magazine, newspaper, or news outlet imaginable. Of course downloading them all on your phone would take tons of precious space and makes it frustrating to find what you are looking for with everything being compartmentalized into its own application. Flipboard gets rid of both of these problems. A single sleek application that rolls multiple news sources into one, it has styled itself as a one stop shop for all things news and current events oriented on your device. After downloading the app you setup and account and pick what you are interested in from hundreds of different categories. Choosing these meta categories then helps create a complete news experience, with articles about your interests all rolled into one stream of content that auto updates, ensuring that things are always interesting and fresh. In addition to the meta categories available, news can also be taken from publications like the New York Times, PEOPLE, and Vanity Fair. If you ever feel overloaded by the sheer amount of content available then you can use the apps handy Daily Edition function which shows the top news of the day handpicked by the editors at Flipboard. Once you have picked your favorite publications and sources you simply begin to scroll through the Flipboard app which then “flips” the pages of content for you meaning that you have a defined and clean experience. Flipboard also comes with a complete set of sharing options for the articles that you read. You can share to your favorite social networks, like articles to be showed to other Flipboard users, or add articles to your own personally curated “magazines” to be read later. Another great benefit of Flipboard is the option to save articles locally onto your device. This feature is incredibly useful if you are going to be traveling where there isn’t an active signal, or if you have a limited data plan, you can download articles on your wifi connection and then read them locally without taking up any of your data plan. These simple and useful features alongside Flipboards clean design and easy to use interface make this app the only app you’ll ever need for news.


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