Whatsapp LogoIf you are looking to cut down on your phone bill, texting is potentially the last thing that you would consider getting rid of. For most people these days texting is far more important than even the ability to make calls. But when there are dozens of different apps all designed to allow you to message others with no monthly charge, the idea of cutting messaging from your plan suddenly doesn’t seem as crazy. Despite the quantity of different options available, Whatsapp stands as the leader among these free messaging apps. Whatsapp has seen a long history, (and a recent highly lucrative purchase by Facebook) and has used its position to successfully leverage itself as the leader among free messaging competitors. Whatsapp has consistently held this top position in terms of total users (it currently boasts nearly a billion users) giving it a huge numbers advantage over the competition and greatly increasing the likelihood that the person you are looking to message has a Whatsapp account. This is an important selling point for Whatsapp over other similar apps as to utilize their messaging service the other person must also be a Whatsapp user. Beyond the monetary advantage of using Whatsapp it brings a variety of other benefits that aren’t to be found in your standard texting app, such as encryption, free international messaging, and web based replies. While the encryption is not going to be as good as an app specifically dedicated to encrypting your messages this is a measure of encryption that is much higher than any other messaging app. The web based messaging is also a great benefit to those who are on their computer frequently and would prefer to not have to answer from their phone. The international messaging is where many people will find the most value. Because Whatsapp uses an internet or data connection to send messages rather than a cellular network, messages sent to those outside the country carry no additional cost. Whatsapp also brings standard features, alongside those already mentioned, that most users will be familiar with, such as multimedia (MMS) messages, group messaging, and notifications. If you are interested in reading more about Whatsapp, check out these reviews from PC Magazine,  PC Advisor, and CNET.


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