Adding and organizing content on your phone can sometimes be a struggle. All of those songs or photos stuck on your computer with no easy way to get them onto your phone. The creators of SnapPea recognized this problem and designed SnapPea with the goal of easing content sharing and syncing between your computer and your Android device. SnapPea really acts as an all-in-one utility to help organize and sync all sorts of content on your device, using either a wifi or USB connection. Once you have downloaded SnapPea onto your Android device, you must also download the SnapPea Windows client to create the connection between the two. The included tools allow you to do  things like contact management and editing, music and video syncing, an application manager, and built in text messaging system. The contact manager, while simple, gives you everything that you need, allowing you to add new contacts or edit existing contacts right from your computer. The music manager allows you to either add music files from your computer or from iTunes (iTunes syncing requires a USB connection though). Video content can be added from a variety of sources like YouTube and your video collection on your computer. If you are willing to try some more advanced options then there is a built in application manager that you can use to add and organize what apps are on your device. The application manager requires that you download the apk (Android application package) to your computer and then install that package on your phone. SnapPea also has a built in backup and restore tool that will backup your contacts, messages, and applications to the computer and allow you to restore this information to the phone should you lose it or need to reset your phone. One of the best aspects of SnapPea is the ability to respond to text messages received on your phone from your computer using the messaging tool. Overall, SnapPea is a great option if you need a desktop manager for your Android device but keep in mind that some users have reported a decrease in battery life after installing the app. Other than this slight flaw SnapPea provides alot of value to those who want to more easily manage their content.


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