Since’s release for Android it has consistently found approval and accolades from critics and reviewers, seeing itself on best Android app of the year lists and with very positive press. The idea is simple: create lists to organize your day. The beauty of is in the execution and additional features that help take list making from a task to daily habit. The interface is initially most striking feature, as it presents users with a simple, unornamented list that is distraction free and helps focus on only those tasks you have assigned yourself. When creating an list you have four scheduling options: today, tomorrow, upcoming, and someday. For those items that are marked for today, you can schedule a daily update, called a Moment, that will appear as a notification at the time selected each day, informing you of what is upcoming for that day. This feature is quite useful for getting into the habit of organizing your daily activities. Those who are using the free version of the app are limited to five Moments a month, while premium users get unlimited access. After completing a task for the day you can cross the item off your list by swiping left to right across the item on the screen. A task that has been created in can also be shared with a contact who is using the app, which helps with collaborative efforts. The free version allows for up to two shares for a task. Premium users get unlimited shares (a full list of the differences between basic and premium can be found here). clearly has the basics covered at this point in its update cycle. Previously it dealt with problems with usability, but the app devs have done a great job incorporating user feedback into the most recent release. The devs have also embarked on a new mission of creating a whole suite of apps to go alongside and help you with the task of organization. Primary among these apps is the Cal app that is a new approach towards calendars. Eventually there will be four apps in this suite, yet for now only and Cal are available. With these new apps on the horizon and the benefits that can bring in your organizational abilities this app is a must download.


  • Free for basic version
  • $3/month or $27/year for unlimited access


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