Mint LogoManaging finances is one of those things that everyone can use a helping hand with. Whether you need to stretch your remaining dollars or better understand your investment positions, there are a lot of different aspects to budgeting and understanding your personal finances. Mint and Mint Bills by Intuit has got you covered for your day to day spending, savings, investments, bills, and all financial situations in between. Since its release Mint has been written up in multiple app of the year awards, editors choice picks, top apps lists and editorial pieces and unlike many other apps that you will encounter Mint is deserving of all the praise it is getting. The premise is simple: when using mint enter the financial information that you are comfortable feeding the app and it goes to work detecting spending patterns and budgeting plans and tips that you can use to keep track of where your money goes. Mint allows for financial information like, savings accounts, checking, credit card statement, investments, real estate holdings, and available funds. It uses the past few months of purchasing activity so as to immediately be able to give you top offerings and suggestions.

Mint Bills operates in a slightly different fashion. Much like Mint you enter your financial information but that information is instead used to keep track of upcoming bills from companies as diverse as public utilities, to your insurance payments, and loans. Mint Bills puts all of the information in front of you in an easy to see and track way so that you never miss another bill. This attention to detail and clean interface also exists in the main Mint application and is one of the primary features that keeps people coming back to this app as their number one budget manager. With the recent edition of charts and graphs on tablets, Mint has only solidified this ease of use and data visualization, maintaining its position as the best budget app available.

Mint is available for free in the Google Play Store on mobile and is also available as a web app on your home computer.



  • Free for normal use
  • Varying prices for additional features


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