People App Icon Part 1One of the most important aspects of your phone is of course the phone itself. The ability to make calls, save numbers, and use your address book to organize your work and personal contacts. The first step is obviously identifying your contacts app and navigating to it. All Unnecto devices use a stock version of Android software. This means that your contacts app will be called “People” and will like the image on the left. You can find this app on your Unnecto Android device by following the steps outlined below:

First tap the more apps icon on your home bar as shown:

Android homescreen

Next simply tap the people icon.

Android People contacts app

Now that you have navigated to the People contacts application we can start adding new contacts onto your phone. First you will tap the add new contact option shown at the bottom of the screen.

Add new contact to your android phone

Next android will ask you if you want to add this contact to a Google account or as a phone contact. If you have already setup your Google on your device (as we have in this option) feel free to use the Google contact storage option. This will sync your contacts list with Google keeping your contacts backed up and protected in the event of an accident or issue with your phone. If you have not setup your Google account on your phone please see this guide on setting up your account, as your android phone works much better with the addition of a Google account.

Add a phone contact to androidAfter choosing where to store your contact, you will a contact information field where you can fill in all of the information about your contact as we have done with some demo information. When you are finished filling in this information simply tap the done icon in the upper left hand corner.

Demo contact information

After finalizing your information and tapping done your contact is saved! If you ever want to edit your contact’s information you can select that contact and tap the three dot settings button and choose edit:

Android contacts setting menuYou can also use this settings menu to delete your contact if you wish. Once you have tapped done you will be asked to save this contact to a contact group.Android contact groupsIf you are using a Google account to save contacts you will see three preset options, Friends, Family, Coworkers as seen in the groups list below:

Android contact groups listing If you are storing your contacts directly to your phone you will be asked to create a new contact group. For this example I created a contact group called “Friends”. For future contacts that you create you can either use a previously created group or create a new group.Android contacts group createSelect “OK” to create the new group and you are done! You will be returned to the contacts home menu. Congratulations! You have created a new contact on android! Follow these steps again to create addtional contacts and follow our Facebook and Twitter for updates on Part 2: Adding contact directly from you phone!