Photoshop ExpressJust like the more full featured Photoshop Elements designed for the PC, Photoshop Express comes from Adobe, the photo editing and design powerhouse, whose Creative Suite has held as the standard in computer based design and editing. Like Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Express for Android is designed for those with a deeper level of photo editing needs than are offered by built in tools and applications. When you first open the app you are presented with simple and sleek design. Despite its surface simplicity, Photoshop Express has a lot of functionality including filters, crop, rotate, auto-fix, blemish remover, and color adjustments. These tools provide a full enough suite, especially for mobile, that you shouldn’t have need for any additional tools. If you do want more however, Adobe offers the Premium Looks pack ($3), which adds 20 additional filters. The Advanced Paid Pack ($5) also gives you tools to reduce noise and fogging in photos, particularly night shot photos. All of these tools, both free and paid, have also been recently completely redone and re-optimized,  as Photoshop Express went through a total interface overhaul and feature update in version 2.1 that was released in early 2014. Since then the app has only gotten better reviews and come into its own as one of the premiere photo editing options available on mobile. Additionally, because it is an Adobe product, it also features advanced sharing options for social media, as well as sharing through Adobe’s own sharing service called Revel. Free to try Revel allows for you to save and share your photos with cloud storage options. It also allows for you to share the photos that you start editing on your phone with your computer, so that you can continue editing from your home PC if you have a desktop version of Photoshop available. If you would like to do all of your editing on mobile and Photoshop Express does not fulfill the needs or purposes that you installed it for, you can check out this list of additional Android photo editing apps that may be able to provide you with the tools required. Overall Photoshop Express for Android is a great option for those who need or want more advanced photo editing tools for free.


  • Free (additional tools vary in price between $3-5)


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