Pocket for android iconWhether you are working with a limited data plan, commute in areas where there is no signal, or don’t want to wait for a slow connection to load pages, Pocket is your solution. The Pocket App for Android is a new version of the older Read it Later application. Pocket is a complete redesign of the older application and includes a new easier and more streamlined interface as well as access to a set of tools and features that help you save and organize your content. The premise of the app is simple: download the app on your phone, tablet, or desktop, sign up for a Pocket account, and start saving content on any of these devices to be read offline on each of these devices. Once you have saved this content you can begin to add tags for organization, search through previously saved articles, or watch and listen to saved media content. Your content can also be organized into different apps using the If This Then That (IFTTT) digital recipe creator. Saved content looks beautiful inside of the app. Visual distractions are largely removed, articles can be read either as a continuous flow or in a paginated “page flip” mode. All of your content remains saved offline until you delete the content (which can be done with a simple swipe motion). To help from pocket taking over all of the storage space on your phone, you can manually set the storage limit for the application in the app settings menu. Even though all of your content is saved to the Pocket application, sometimes an articles link may go dead or be changed. With a premium Pocket account (available for $5 per month or $45 per year) all of your content will be permanently saved to your library, ensuring that you can always go back and find that recipe of how-to guide even if the original link may have gone dead. Pocket Premium also gives you access to advanced search options to search through the full text of articles, as well as enabling search by author and keywords. Without these advanced features you are limited to a search by title. While these premium features are nice and may be highly beneficial to some users, the majority will probably not have need to use them. There are some downsides to pocket as well, however. Some users report difficulty in getting video to playback inside of the app. The preset text styles also may not be as visually pleasing as some would hope. Despite these minor issues, Pocket is still a fantastic app to help organize and track your online reading material wherever and whenever you are.


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