Android People app icon

In part one of our guide to using android’s contact manager, we covered adding and managing contacts using the people app. While this is the most comprehensive way to add and manage your contacts, you can also add new contacts using the phone app that is built into the device. In part two of the contact guide we will go over how to add contacts using the phone app.

The first step is to open your phone app shown below:

Android phone application

Once in the phone you will see your dialer option at the bottom of the screen. Select this option to enter the dialer.

Android dialer




Once the dialer is open begin typing a number. You will see the number populate the number entry field. Once you have typed the number you can tap the “Add to contacts” option at the top of the screen.

Android dial menu

After selecting the add to contacts option, you will see the contact data entry fields that also came up when adding a contact through the people app. When you have finished entering the data for the new contact tap the done option in the upper left hand corner.

Android phone add contact

What if you receive a call from a number that you don’t know and you want to add that number to your contacts list? Simply tap on the missed call icon that can be found in the lower left hand corner.

Android missed calls

Tapping this icon will show you a complete list of calls received. You can tap on any the number tile that is displayed that does not have a contact name to add this number as a contact.

Android missed calls


Once you have tapped the missed call tile you will see a card of information about the call like the one shown below. Tapping on the icon with the contact silhouette and the plus button will take you back to the contact data entry page that you have see before. Once again, simply fill in the relevant information and tap the done icon in the upper left hand corner when finished.

Android missed call information


That’s all there is to it. Using either the People app or the Phone app you can easily add contacts into your contact book and have them stored for later use. In the final part of our contact series we’ll review some different things you can do now that you have added your contacts into the phone. Stay tuned.