IF by IFTTT for Android

You receive an email or a text message with some pictures attached. You want to save the pictures to your photo library so you go through the required steps to save each picture. And then you get another email with even more photos and do it all over again. This tiresome series of steps is exactly the problem that that IF by IFTTT hopes to solve. IF is an app that works by using mini programs called “recipes”. There are hundreds of recipes available, to do a wide variety of difference tasks. There are many best of lists for these recipes that can be used to help narrow down your search to the best recipes available. IFTTT also provides its own Featured Recipes list that gives you some examples of essential recipes that you can use. The recipes work by linking certain standard functions inside of two or more different applications. For instance creating a spreadsheet that links with a fitness app to store your information, or another recipe that saves your listening history to a playlist that you can go back to. These tasks are things that would take a lot of time and require constant monitoring by you. With IF these tasks are fully automated. IF is the second major iteration of this app. Previously called IFTTT the functionality was essentially the same. With IF this functionality came to Android. While it took a while, the wait was worth it, as IF features a deep integration with Android, a fully revamped UI, and an even more exhaustive list of available recipes. IF on Android also offers Android Wear support, which makes your Android Wear device even more functional. While all of this automation can seem overly complicated and not worth the time, IF is an app worth checking out that will save you time and effort in the long run, many times even offering functionality that you may never even have thought possible.


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