People App Icon AndroidIn this third and final part of our Android contacts series we will quickly go through some of the options that are available to help you sort your newly created contacts. As mentioned previously, the first time that you enter a contact in your phone you can choose to save that contact directly to your phone storage. The better option is to save the contact to your Google account on the device. To access this option you must first have setup a Google account on your phone which you can do by following these steps.

Android contact groups

Saving the contact to your Google account ensures that your contact info is saved to your Google account so it can be retrieved at anytime if you ever lose your data. Saving it to your Google account also makes this information available when you use Google apps on a different computer or phone. Once your contact is created you can also assign this contact to a new personal or professional contact group on your device. Simple tap on the contact you want to edit and then tap the down arrow under the groups tab.

Android group assignment


You will see a list of available groups that you can add your contact too.

Android available contact groups


Simply tap on the group that you want to use (also be sure you are tapping a group that is stored in the correct place).

If you want to search your contacts simply tap the magnifying glass icon in the lower left hand corner of the contacts app.

Android contact lists


Tapping the magnifying glass will bring up the keyboard, where you will start typing into the search box. If you see the contact that you are interested in, tap that contact name to pull up the information.


Android contact search


If you accidentally add a duplicate contact or need to delete a contact from your device, tap the three dot icon in the lower right hand corner and choose the “Delete Contact” option from the list.

Delete old or duplicate contacts


Finally if there are contacts that you would like to have quick and easy access to, then choose the star shaped “Favorite” option in the upper right hand corner of the contact information page. You can then easily see your favorite list by tapping the solid star shaped icon in the upper left hand corner of the contacts app.

Favorite android contactsUsing the tools and guides that we have discussed in these last few tips and tricks articles, you should now be able to easily add, edit, and organize all of the contacts on your Android device.