One of the great benefits to using an Android device is the ability to customize it to your needs with all of the amazing apps out there. With a couple taps you are able to do something completely new with your phone. Its a device whose only limitation is the amount of space available to save content. So what should you do if you run out of space on your phone? Add more space! Which is something that you can do with all Unnecto devices, by using a micro SD card of up to 32GB in the device. To start using your micro SD card in a Unnecto phone, simply take the back cover off of the phone and slide the micro SD into the designated slot in the back of your phone. Once inserted there are a couple of additional steps to take to begin using your device. First select the settings menu.

Android Setting menu

Next tap the “Storage” option to see available internal storage locations.

Android storage selection

Once in the storage menu you should see both internal memory and SD card as options for default storage. Make sure SD card is selected as your default storage location. All pictures and music saved to the device going forward will now save to your SD card by default. Apps will take a couple of extra steps to save them onto the SD card. Get back to the setting menu and now tap the “Apps” option.

You should now see all of the installed apps on your phone. Swipe once to the left to reveal apps that can be saved onto your SD card.

Candy Crush for Android

In our example we see that candy crush has an empty check box indicating that it can be saved onto the SD card. The next step is to swipe to the right and find Candy Crush in our list of installed applications.

Candy Crush for Android

Once we have located Candy Crush in our list we tap the option to open up the app settings. Underneath the app in the settings menu you can find an option to move the app onto your SD card.

SD card management android

Tap the move option and wait. You should see the option go grey and instead read “Moving”.

App onto SD card

Once the app is successfully moved onto the SD card you can once again swipe to the left and will now find the app with a check mark next to it indicating that it has been moved successfully.

SD card app move successful

And that’s it! You have now freed up some internal memory and learned how to add future app downloads onto your SD card. One thing to keep in mind is that some apps may not move to an SD card either because they are a part of the default software or because they have copyright restrictions setup that prohibit the app from being moved onto an external media source, like an SD card.