Looking to silence your Android keyboard? This guide will take you step by step through turning off your phone sounds, and keeping your phone running in stealth. The first step is to select the Android settings menu:Android Settings Menu Next, select the language and input option from the settings menu to get to the keyboard sound preferences.

Android Language and Input Option In the “Language and Input” option you will see a few different available keyboards. To silence the keyboard sounds, you will want to first select the Android keyboard preferences option which is marked by the three sliders to the right of the keyboard name.Android Keyboard Options

Once you have chosen the Android Keyboard, unselect the “Sound on Keypress” checkbox to turn off the Android keyboard noises.Android Keyboard Sound Option

After turning off Android Keyboard settings, go back to the keyboard selection option and now choose the Google Keyboard preference sliders. From the Google Keyboard menu first choose “Preferences”:
Android Keyboard Preferences

From this preferences menu you once again should unselect “Sound on Keypress”.Android Keyboard Sounds

Turning off the sound for both of the keyboard sound options, should ensure that your phone continues to remain quiet. Additionally, if you want to go completely silent, then you can also turn off the touch tones and screen lock sounds. To do this, go back to the Android settings menu and select “Audio Profiles”.Android Audio Profiles

From the profiles menu choose the general profile sliders to get to the preferences.Android General Audio Profile Settings

Once in the profile preferences unselect the “Dial pad touch tones”, the “Touch sounds”, and the “Screen lock sound” check boxes.Audio Profile Sound Checkbox

Once all the check boxes have been unselected, your phone will now be running without any operating noises, allowing you to use your phone without having to worry about drawing any attention to yourself.