Unnecto Store LogoMany of you may have seen the recent revelations from US based security firms that potentially hundreds of millions of Android mobile phones sold around the world have significant security flaws and have been transmitting personal data, without customer knowledge, to third-parties. While several manufacturers and distributors, active in the US and global markets, may have been selling devices with these vulnerabilities, Unnecto is proud to confirm that its phones have never utilized software or services from Shanghai Adups Technology, the third-party vendor responsible for these security breaches. We would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our staunch commitment to creating high-quality products, both in the hardware and software that we use. We believe strongly in customer’s right to privacy and as such will never utilize software that could expose customer’s personal data in any way. We are grateful to you our customers and partners for continuing to work with us in providing only the best devices and we look forward to offering the best in Android phones.

Thank you,

The Unnecto Team