Sustainability & Recycling

Unnecto Recycling

Unnecto’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Unnecto we strive to be environmentally aware in all that we do. Our environmental targets go beyond mere legal compliance. We strive to achieve sustainability through an environmental strategy that incorporates comprehensive global standards and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and practices. Seeing as our phones begin their lives in an environmentally sustainable way, we think it only right that our phones should end their lives in the same way. To achieve this goal, Unnecto is proud to announce it newest effort at promoting global sustainability with our phone recycling program. Simply enter your name and email address below and you will be provided with the necessary shipping information to send your retired phone to an electronics recycler where your device will be safely disposed of and recycled, all at no cost to you!

Unnecto’s environmental goals are based on life cycle thinking. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our products, services and operations throughout the whole product life cycle and we see our new recycling program as continuing to uphold these goals and demonstrate our ongoing dedication to global conservation and sustainability.

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